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The primary objective of this website is to provide a user friendly resource on children’s health emergencies and poisonings to everyday mothers and fathers. As a parent too I surely appreciate the need for knowledge concerning our children’s health. It is undoubtedly a very high priority for us all.

In general, the information on my website will focus on childhood emergencies such as infectious diseases, injuries, problems with chronic illnesses (e.g., asthma), and poisonings, whether related to medications or exposures in our environment. Other areas of interest will be touched on occasionally such as school or sports-related issues.

The various categories available on the website should accommodate people with different learning styles and will be interactive as well. For example, visitors to the website will be able to submit a question on a health topic for children. I will send you a response within 2 – 3 days and selected questions will be posted and archived with my answer so others can review them. I look forward to hearing from you.

Also, visitors can take a 5 – 8 question quiz on certain childhood health topics and review the correct answer.

Other categories of information will include the following:

Seasonal focus – a detailed review of a topic that is particularly important during a certain time of the year (e.g., carbon monoxide exposure in the winter).

Current events – as deemed necessary, discussion will be posted regarding a specific current event in the local or national news (e.g., chemical spill, disease outbreak) and its potential impact on children’s health.

Review of the medical literature – when important scientific literature is published that may have an impact on our children’s health, it is crucial that the public stays well informed through language that is easy to understand. I will review a select number of pediatric journals on a monthly basis and choose articles to summarize which I feel may have a significant impact on children’s health.

Review of media reports – selected articles about children’s health written in the media (newspaper, popular magazines, internet) will be discussed.

Questions to ask your or pediatrician or ER physician or that may be asked of you – for certain types of medical visits specific questions may be important to ask in order to be most informed and certain questions may be asked of you given the situation. So it is best to be prepared. Throughout the website this knowledge will be available to you.
All categories on the website will be archived and can easily be displayed for your review at anytime.

This website is for educational purposes only; you will not be asked to buy anything, make donations, etc… Sponsorship may be present in the future to help defer the cost of creating and maintaining the website.

Thank you for visiting the website. I hope you find it useful in your search for valuable information concerning your child or someone else’s child’s health.

Best of health,