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Belly problems and dehydration

Children are frequently evaluated by their pediatrician or ER doctor for gastrointestinal complaints.

Abdominal pain, vomiting and diarrhea are common symptoms in children and fortunately, in most cases represent a self-limiting (i.e. resolves on its own) infection known as gastroenteritis.Rotavirus, a common cause of gastroenteritis, infects nearly all children by age 4 and causes over 3 million cases of illness in the United States each year

In some cases, abdominal pain may represent a serious surgical emergency. This section of the website will inform you of the warning signs for something more serious than just a routine gastroenteritis. Appendicitis, one of the most common surgical conditions in children and adolescents, must be picked up sooner than later due to potential complications of delayed surgery.

And finally, symptoms of gastrointestinal disease can lead to dehydration if a child is loosing more fluid (through vomiting and diarrhea) than thay are able to take in. The signs of dehydration will be laid out and should be addressed early in a childs illness.