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Yo-Yo Water Ball

What is a Yo-Yo water ball?

The popular Yo-Yo water ball (photo), also called a Water Yo-Yo or Yo-Yo ball, is a water filled ball on a stretchable bungee cord string. A finger loop is at the end of the string which allows the child to swing the ball around or bounce it up and down like a yo-yo. There are many different types of Yo-Yo water balls of varying color.

Are there any concerns for the safety of children who play with this toy?

Concerns have been raised by parents and safety experts which include:

  1. they pose a choking hazard, as the rubbery cord can easily get wrapped around a childs neck, quickly tightening to the point that it is hard to remove
  2. injuries to the head, face and eyes do occur
  3. the plastic exterior of some Yo-Yo water balls are made from diesel hydrocarbons thus making them a fire hazard

Because of the potential strangulation threat, they have already been banned in the United Kingdom and Australia and other countries have issued safety warnings.  They have not been banned in the United States but some states have issued safety warnings about yo-yo balls.

Great caution is needed if allowing your children to play with this toy, especially if less than 8 years of age, and they should not be allowed to play with them unsupervised.